OEM Position Statements


TOPIC "Structural Damage"

Honda Structural Parts (New 2010)

Ford Structural Damage

Chrysler Structural

TOPIC "Clipping"

GM 1 Clipping

GM 2 Clipping

Toyota (Body and Frame Sectioning)

Acura Clipping

Honda Clipping

Ford Clipping

TOPIC "Bumpers"

GM Bumpers

Toyota Bumpers

TOPIC "Aftermarket Parts"

Toyota Aftermarket Parts (November 2010)

Honda Aftermarket Parts 1

Acura Aftermarket Parts

GM OEM vs. Aftermarket

Ford Aftermarket Parts

TOPIC "SRS Systems" and Seat Belts

Acura SRS Systems

Honda SRS Systems

Ford Aftermarket Air bags

Ford Air Bag Module

Ford Seat Belts

TOPIC "Air Bags"

Honda Air Bags

TOPIC "Reconditioned, Refinishing and Repaired Wheels"

Acura Wheels

Honda Wheels

Chrysler Wheels

GM Refinishing Wheels

Toyota Wheels

Ford Refinishing and Remanufactured Wheels

TOPIC "LKQ (Used and Recycled) Parts"

Chrysler LKQ Parts

Honda Salvage Parts

Ford Salvage Air Bags

Ford Salvage Parts

TOPIC "Corrosion Protection"

GM Anti-corrosion

TOPIC "Collision Statements"

GM Collision Statements

TOPIC "Lease Agreement Statements"

Honda Lease Agreement 1

Honda Lease Agreement Parts and Repairs

TOPIC "Windshields"

Toyota Windshields

TOPIC "Heat Recommendations"

Chrysler Heat Recommendations

TOPIC "Sand and Buff"

Toyota Sand and Buff

Akzo Nobel