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February 2, 2010




Recent tests on the quality and safety of aftermarket also known as Imitation or generic crash body parts support and confirm the conclusion that these parts continue to pose serious safety concerns and risks to the consumers all over the United States. The Society of Collision Repair Specialists has made the presentations available on their website at  The parts reviewed included items such as front and rear bumper reinforcements, radiator core supports, bumper brackets and energy absorbers. "They affect the deployment of airbags, ladies and gentlemen. We're putting people's lives at stake. This is not right." said Toby Chess who conducted the testing. These are parts frequently paid for in an insurance claim.

As a direct result of those tests, the Auto Body Parts Association (ABPA), who represents more than 150 manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of aftermarket or Imitation crash parts, issued a statement this week suggesting "discontinuation of the production and sale of these part types." ABPA has called for a halt in production of any unproven parts.

Following that announcement, the Taiwan Auto Body Parts Association (TABPA) also advised its members to stop the sale and distribution of untested aftermarket Imitation structural crash parts.

While the efforts of these associations are applauded, they do not go far enough to remedy the situation. Many citizens of the United States have these imitation parts installed on their vehicles due to previous repairs and insurance claims. As it stands today, there is no recall mechanism for consumers that may have these parts installed on their vehicles. Each consumer should immediately confirm that these parts have not been installed on the repaired vehicle.

As such, recommends that any vehicle owner that has had any insurance claim or repair involving front or rear collision damage, immediately contact the shop that repaired the vehicle to verify that these parts have not been used in the repair, or contact directly at for assistance.

Please contact parties at the following links with any concerns regarding issues with parts installed on your vehicle.

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