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TOPIC "Varying weekly on collision and Insurance"

Crash Talk Podcasts

TOPIC "Insurance Company Ratings"

Ten Worst Insurance Companies

The future of Claims Handling

TOPIC "Steering"

WPIX News report on steering NYC (Video)                            

News 12 Connecticut Steering Story (Video)

Poor Repairs, DRP and Steering News Story Fox Chicago Illinois

Steering Allegations

Connecticut AG Announces Steering Legislation 2007

Connecticut Attorney General Sues Insurance Broker For Steering Business In Return For Millions Of Dollars In Secret Payments

Fox 7 Texas Steering News Video

TOPIC "Glass"

AGRR Magazine - Improper Glass Installations

TOPIC "Air Bags"

TOPIC "Aftermarket Parts"

Aftermarket Parts News Story

Getting What You Deserve               

TOPIC "Totals and Rebuilts"

New York Times Total Loss Data Base

Rebuilt Wrecks: Deadly Road Hazards

TOPIC "Clipping"

Chicago Tribune October 2008 Story

Allstate no more clipping 

Allstate no more clipping 2

TOPIC "Insider Information"

Can You Trust Your Auto Insurer?

Former Adjusters Say Computer Devalues Claims

TOPIC "Wheel Repair vs. Replacement

Fox 7 Wheel Repair good or bad?